Why We Gave Up On The American

Why We Gave Up On The American Dream

As we began untangling our money from more and more things, and freeing that money to do other things, we have started to notice that our dreams shifted. More specifically, we actually felt like it was okay to dream – because now those dreams could actually be possible. What has developed from our war on debt is a vision for our family’s future, and this is what that vision is:

We want to be free to travel the world with our boys, giving us all opportunities to learn and experience different cultures. We want to take art classes, dance classes, cooking classes, go fishing, skiing, hiking, sailing, surfing, backpacking, work (and drink) in a wine vineyard, learn languages, meet people, volunteer our time for different causes – all over the world. We want our boys to learn Mandarin in China, paint in Venice, play soccer in Spain, learn to ski in the Alps, study world history up close and personal, and find ways to give of our time, energy, ideas, and hearts in all of those places too.
In order to do this, we need free my husband from his job – not because he has a terrible job.
We are so very grateful for his career and the life it provides us right now. But I also want my husband to have the opportunity that I have been given to be home raising our kids more. He deserves that. And as I said before, time is the most precious thing we have. I would love to see him freed from working long hours and commuting long hours so he can spend his time in ways that give him the ability to enhance his relationships, pursue his passions, and grow as a person. In essence, I want him to have all of the things he has worked so hard to provide for me and our children.

What is your life vision? Are you on the path that will get you to where you really want to go? And I mean REALLY want to go – not just where you are settling for. Are you suffocating your dreams because of limitations of time and money? Are you enslaved to possessions that are keeping you from what you really want in life? Perhaps it’s time to start looking at things a little differently. You deserve far more than just the American Dream – you deserve the Whole World! I want to see you dream the most incredible, fulfilling, inspiring dreams possible. What is your dream? Let us know!

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