Taking a day of rest… whether I like it or not.

For nearly 10 years now, the message to me has been clearly “There is a blessing for you, Jill, for resting on Saturday.”  Why exactly it has to be Saturday I still don’t fully understand, which is probably why I chose to ignore it most of the last decade.  On and off I’ve tried to devote my Saturdays to rest, but am quickly tempted by shiny objects.

This past weekend it was the opportunity to host a table for my business at a vendor fair in our local high school.  The event was lovely, I met plenty of wonderful people and overall considered it a success.  But when I got home that night, I was utterly wiped out.  Not just a long day of work kind of wiped out.  e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d.

And then I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I had been hit by a Mack truck.  I had a horrible headache, back ache, neck ache, I was tired, irritable, and, well, just awful to be around.  (The best description I can give for this feeling is a hangover, and it’s not the first time I’ve felt that way when alcohol wasn’t involved).  The day was a complete waste.  My entire family suffered because I chose to ignore the offer for the blessing of rest I had been given.

Like a child who is kindly asked to clean up, and told there will be a special reward for cleaning up their room right away.  There are children who will repeatedly ignore the request, and at some point the child needs to be disciplined.  It seems apparent that the blessing and the discipline are connected to health in my case.

Have you heard this message for yourself?  Have you discovered what the blessing is in your life?   Have you had to be disciplined for ignoring the message?

2 thoughts on “Taking a day of rest… whether I like it or not.

  1. Love your blog Jill! When I push myself to the extreme trying to get things done my insides hurt from stress. Normally I have no problem with sleep but when I push myself to or past that point I am in trouble. For me I need rest and at least 8 hours of sleep. Wait isn’t that the amount we are suppose to get every night? Working towards 1 day of rest every week. It is a battle for sure.

    1. Regular rhythms in life really make our bodies (and everything else) function so much better, don’t they? It’s tough especially when you have your own business to really set it aside for an entire day – especially Saturday! But everyone I’ve met who does this consistently says they are infinitely more productive on the other six days of the week.
      It’s about resisting that temptation to do more and staying accountable to myself and my family that will be what keeps me in check. 🙂

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