How Integrity saved me $1,500 per month

Me: Ryan, I want to talk to you about what I learned this weekend at the conference I went to.

Ryan: Okay…. (I can see that he is not excited about what is coming, bracing himself in anticipation of some new concept we are going to be implementing that will probably cost a small fortune)

Me: I want to tell you how very sorry I am. (He now looks a little perplexed – what on earth could I possibly be apologizing for? I press on.) I’ve been very selfish. You see, I started working with Ambit so that we could have more money, so I could spend it on things like a new kitchen, a few vacations, clothes, pedicures, and maybe getting out of debt. What I learned this weekend was that I have my priorities way out of whack. First, you make more than enough money to meet our families needs, but I have been spending it in ways that weren’t honoring to you and the hard work you put in every day to make that money. (Now he looks like he wants to kiss me)

Over the following week, we sat down with our budget and took a hard look at it. We found “fat” in it that stunned us both – to the tune of $1,500/month! The truth was there in the numbers too, I had been incredibly undeniably embarrassingly selfish with our family finances. Most of that “fat”, 95% or more, was my spending choices, and 2/3 of it was on groceries!! (Not even eating out – just GROCERIES! – isn’t that crazy?! I found more to cut out of our grocery budget than many families – including ours now – spend on groceries in a month. I had a really big problem.) We made decisions to set realistic budgets for those groceries and to eliminate a lot of the other spending. I made the decision personally not to buy any clothing for a year. We decided to take assets that were tied up in risky investments and utilize them to pay off debts. We started on a mission to owe “no man no thing” as soon as possible.

The results thus far have been far-reaching. Our spending has decreased dramatically. Our relationship is better than it has been in years. We paid the last of my student loan (over $10,000 remaining) in full this month! My personal goals have completely shifted, with my family back in the sights, not myself. I’m focused on being faithful in the little things. I’m governing my time and resources with purpose. In short, life changing.
Taking care of the little things in my personal life as well as in my business is how I aim to make a big impact in the world. I hope to make a positive impact in yours.

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