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The Gratitude Diet – “the rules”

Now that this gratitude diet has been tested out on yours truly for a couple of weeks, and the results are nothing short of amazing (down 5 lbs, when I had previously been stuck for months, with no other changes in eating or exercise), lets talk about exactly what it looks like, and what it doesn’t look like.

(If you haven’t read back story on how this whole thing came to be, click here)

The foundation of this thing requires a healthy eating plan.  There are a limitless number of options, all of which seem to get results.  If you have found one, stick with it.  If you haven’t found one, find someone who has successfully done what you want to do, and ask them.  I highly recommend working with my friend Kristina – she addresses the nutrition as well as specifics of your own emotional hangups with food.  She has a phenomenal group dedicated to keeping you on track on a daily basis.  I don’t know your body like you do, and I don’t know your habits, so I won’t pretend to have the plan that is custom tailored to your needs, but you MUST have a plan.

This isn’t a diet of restricting food.  Its a diet that nourishes your mind alongside your body.  It’s a diet that works for people of any size too, so whether you are overweight, underweight, want to build muscle, tone up, improve your health, or just have more energy, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this will work to help you achieve your goals.

So these are the very basic rules:

Whenever you put food or drink into your mouth, you need to speak gratitude OUT LOUD.  Your whole body needs to be engaged, and spoken words are a powerful way of doing this.  When you speak gratitude, your mind is engaged, when you hear your words, it affirms the thought.  You will be seeing your food, smelling it, and very shortly, tasting it.  All of your senses are involved.

Here is the simple statement that I say aloud:

“I’m so grateful for the food (or drink) that is in front of me, and I’m so grateful for this body that can use it to do amazing things!”

As you are saying the first sentence, you want to think about the person or people who prepared the food, the person who earned the money to purchase the food, the farmer who grew or raised the food, the earth and the water that nourished the food, and if you believe in a higher power, their role in making all of those things happen.

As you are saying the second sentence, think about the body you have, and all that works (even if it isn’t perfectly, or even optimally – after all you have a body and you are still breathing – that’s a lot to be grateful for), and then lastly, think about what it is  you want to do – imagine your short term goals, your long term goals, your vision, your relationships, etc.  If you haven’t set goals, or don’t feel like you have a concrete vision for your life, Dani Johnson is the best in the world at pulling vision out of people.  You need to find a way to get to First Steps to Success.  If you don’t believe me, visit her Facebook page or website to hear from countless other people who have had results.


So what exactly does this accomplish?

You are planting seeds into yourself of gratitude, purpose, contentment, and so much more.  Your body produces different chemicals and hormones based on your emotional state.  By purposing your mind to focus on gratitude, you change your emotional state, and your body starts to produce what it needs to make those thoughts turn into reality.

3d rendered illustration of a human receptor

For me, it gives me peace that what I have is enough, and I don’t need to worry about being hungry again in an hour.  (Miraculously, I seem to really actually stay satisfied much much longer when I am doing this too).  I have more peace during the meal, I slow down, taste it, and enjoy it.  Maybe I eat a little less because of it.  But more importantly, it has a purpose, and even if that purpose means staying the same size, I’m finally making peace with my body – one bite and one meal at a time.

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