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How Do You Write An About Page...
About Yourself?

How do you write an “About” section for a website? I attempted to do this several times. But really, what does it matter to you that I’m married, homeschool my kids, live in the suburbs, and have a background in design and a love and curiosity for discovering true health?

None of that matters... Maybe it helps a little that we have a few things in common, but so do the moms in your local mom group, and they are actually close enough to go have a glass of wine with or to be your workout buddy.

So what in the world would compel you to want to pay any attention to what I might have to say?

I believe it has more to do with what I believe to be true about you, than any special or not-so-special things about me.

So how about I tell you what it is I see in you…

I see someone who cares very deeply for their family. You are smart, ambitious, and incredibly capable. While your family is your major priority, you feel called to do something to make a difference in the world.

There’s some things that hold you back from the dreams and desires you’ve had – age, confidence, taking a risk, not knowing where or how to start, overwhelm.

I’m here to tell you – they are more than dreams and desires. They were planted in you for a divine purpose, and the reason I’m here – my calling - is to remind you of that purpose, and to keep you focused on it.

One of the major ways I do that is by holding you accountable for taking care of your body. Because you will face significantly harder challenges in attempting to live out the calling on your life while being bombarded by toxins and constantly struggling just to feel decent enough to get through your daily activities. Your purpose may seem out of reach if you are feeling sidelined by kiddos who are facing major challenges in their health and your new full-time job has become helping them to be as functional as possible.

Friend, I’ve seen miracles – in my own life, the lives of my kids, and the lives of so many others that began by choosing to put a priority on their own wellness. Saying yes to personal development through physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual means.

These miracles are yours for the taking too. I’m going to be the witness of yours, and watch as you become the guide – the beacon of hope for countless others as you live out your calling.


Let’s Stay In touch!

I’ll keep you updated about when I’ve made a new post, tell you about special events, give you special insider gifts, and exclusive access to sales.

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