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Frequently Asked Questions

1Where can I learn easy & healthy recipes?

I like to keep things simple, healthy, and flexible when it comes to recipes. I’ll share my favorite way to make things, but as with most things, there are ways to change it to fit your personal needs. You’ll often see suggestions for alternates in my recipes. You’ll also see they go beyond just things to eat.

  • In the Kitchen
  • Healthy home hacks
  • Clean beauty
2Why should I buy essential oils?

Essential oils have a long history of use and effectiveness for virtually every aspect of life. Check out how we use them for our laundry, hair care, skin care, household cleaning, cooking, supplement routine, sleep, courage, focus, first aid, and more…

3Which essential oils are the purest? / Which essential oils are the best?

Once upon a time, I googled this very same question. Here’s what I learned.

4What makes Young Living different/the best?

I also googled this. Here’s what I learned.

5How do I find out what homeschool curriculum you use?

You’ll find some of our family’s best loved education tools and what we love about them here.

6How do you decide which products you recommend?

If I recommend something, it’s because our family has used the personally. I love sharing things I’ve found beneficial, and hope you find them to be as awesome as we have!

7Where can I find the ingredients and supplies you use in your DIY recipes?

In each recipe, you’ll find links at the to the ingredients and supplies I use, and quick links in the recipe itself.

8What are the most toxic chemicals? (A question about toxic chemicals in the home…)

These are the most toxic chemicals, and how to determine if they are hiding in your home.

9Do emotions cause disease? (Emotional roots of disease…)

I spent a lot of time looking for physical reasons for the health issues in my life and in the lives of my children. Then I learned that emotions could be behind our diagnoses.

10What are hormone disruptors/endocrine disruptors?

Horomone disruptors are toxins or chemicals that interfere with the function of the endocrine glands and other organs that produce hormones in our body. These hormones control all of our bodily functions, and the chemicals and toxins can cause health issues ranging from thyroid disorders, to cancer, ADHD, Alzheimers, obesity, reproductive issues including infertility, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more. Here you can learn where these toxins and chemicals are hiding, and how to eliminate them to live your healthiest life.

11What is in your skincare routine? Makeup routine? Beauty routine?

If there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I’ve had troubled skin for a long time. I’ve tested A LOT of different products, natural remedies, supplements, makeup and more. I share my favorites as well as what I’ve found the most success with for hair, nails, & lashes here.

12How does the immune system work?

This question seems to confound health care practitioners even. I’ve learned some things through my own research and personal experience that can really help you see your immune system function well, even when you feel like you are struggling with a disadvantage like an autoimmune issue.

13How do I start a detox?

Having done a lot of different detox protocols over the years, the one thing I’ve learned is to have true success, the first step is start with making sure the exits are all cleared. You can learn more and some of my favorite ways to detox here. (add Detox as a section under Healthy Living?)

14How do you manage stress/anxiety/depression?

At various points I have dealt with higher levels of stress, high anxiety, and debilitating depression. I share about my story here, and strategies for each.

15How did you overcome adrenal fatigue?

The things my practitioners told me I needed to do for adrenal fatigue were only about protecting what abilities my adrenals had. There was no real tools offered for reversing it, and getting back to feeling like myself. Along the way, I found solutions that changed everything – to where I no longer suffer from adrenal fatigue any more!


Let’s Stay In touch!

I’ll keep you updated about when I’ve made a new post, tell you about special events, give you special insider gifts, and exclusive access to sales.

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