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Link Generator

Would you like to share a direct link to a Young Living product with someone?

When you fill out the information below with your member number for the sponsor and enroller, and add in the specific page for the product you would like to send them to, it will make a link for at the top of the form for you to copy and paste. (When you click "Create Link", scroll back up to the top of the form to see the link you made.)

To send just the link, copy just what is between the quotation marks.

For html code, use the entire thing.

Check the box for TinyUrl, and you'll get a shorter code and html code below the original long link.

To send just the TinyUrl link, use the part that says "http://tinyurl.com/_________"

Your link will show up right here:

Membership Type:
Link Name
Enroller ID:
Sponsor ID:
Link Shortening:



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